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SJ Bids is your professional firm focused on your success with accurate construction cost estimates and schedules. Your success is our goal, and we achieve it by providing the most accurate results with our highly experienced, disciplined, and efficient cost estimators. We use top-of-the-line estimating software and our team brings educational backgrounds from the top universities.

SJ Bids is the top construction cost management services company. SJ Bids provides a complete suite of construction cost estimates and construction schedules. With over 50 projects completed for churches, sub-divisions, apartment complexes, for private and public projects, we bring expertise to provide intelligent insights and due diligence to your cost and budgeting decisions for government, military and private projects nationwide.


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  • NPower of knowing the actual cost charged by vendors
  • NNo loss of time and money due to change orders
  • NNo assumptions no doubts in costs
  • NEasy and fast reconciliation of deviations
  • NCorrect numbers with correct allowances and percentages
  • NStand out with your lowest bid to win all competition
  • NDirect your project planning with our quality data
  • NControl costs and take charge of your projects